A core value of the True Value Partnering Institute is the education and professional development of its members.  Many participants of the Law Firm Pricing Chief/Director/Leader Cohort have expressed that they would like their Managers and Analysts to receive a schedule of formal training.  The aim is to bring all of their pricing and LPM teams up to a set standard or level of educational training to optimize their knowledge to enhance their day-to-day experience and the value they bring to their respective law firms.   

The Academy will host several virtual training sessions specifically aimed at Managers and Analysts, which will be provided by some of the most experienced law firm pricing and LPM professionals who make up the Academy’s Educational Faculty.  

At the conclusion of the formal training program, Graduates of the Academy will receive a Certificate of Completion that can be used to showcase that they have received this extra training and help distinguish them amongst their fellow peers.

Completion of the Course will also earn you credits towards the Accredited Legal Pricing Professional (ALPP) and/or the Accredited Legal Project Manager (ALPM) designation, the industry recognized standard for those who focus on legal pricing and LPM.

Graduates will also be eligible to join the Academy Alumni Network where they will be connected on-line to continue the fostering of professional relationships as graduates progress through their careers.  Once we have a sufficient number of Alumni, the Institute will host in-person regional gatherings such as lunch sessions and social networking events.   

Enrollment into the Academy’s Inaugural Pricing and LPM Program is only available to True Value Partnering Institute members and additional special guests that the Institute and Educational Faculty have invited to join.  For non-members, the Institute may run an open session in 2020, so please return to the website in December to learn more.

There is an expectation that once enrolled you will attend every session unless a family/personal emergency arises. This is a special opportunity to receive top-level training by some of the best in the industry, at no cost to yourself or your firm, and we ask participants to make time to honor their commitment. 

Registration will be taken at each session through the on-line training platform and the Certificate of Completion will only be awarded to those who have attended all the sessions, unless a note of absence has been provided for any session that is missed. Participants can only miss one session and still be able to achieve the Certificate of Completion.  

Once enrolled, Academy participants may register for modules.




Academy Faculty:

The Institute is grateful to its distinguished faculty members for bringing the highest level of legal pricing and project management education to its members.  Each faculty member has been hand-picked based on their depth of knowledge in specific subject areas and, more importantly, their real-life experience in the field.


Stuart Dodds, CPP, ALPP, ALPM
Postive Pricing 

Kevin Doolan
Moller PSF Group 


Upcoming Curriculum:

Module 3 - Core Pricing Theories, Myths and Methodology (1 Credit Hour)

Module 4 - Pricing Analytics and Profitability (1 Credit Hour)

Module 5 - Pricing – The Human Angle (1 Credit Hour)

Module 6 - The Value/Price Relationship (1 Credit Hour)

Module 7 - Competitor Intelligence for Competitor Advantage (1 Credit Hour)

Module 8 - The Catalyst for Cultural Change (1 Credit Hour)

Module 9 - Strategic Negotiation (1 Credit Hour)

Module 10 - Pricing lessons from outside the legal industry (1 Credit Hour)

Module 11 - Legal Project Management Frameworks (1 Credit Hour)

Module 12 - Project Initiation and Scoping

Module 13 - Communications Planning